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  • Columbiettes
    Council #          Council Name             Meeting Time
    5723 Joseph Lamb 2nd Thursday, 8 P.M., Our lady of Mercy School Cafeteria
    2520 Joseph Barry #2520, Hicksville 2nd (Board) and 4th Tuesdays,
    8 P.M.
    5983   Msgr. William A. Delaney 2nd Monday, 7:30 P.M.
    3581   Holy Innocents 2nd Thrusday, 8 P.M.
    3476 Memorare 2nd Wednesday, 8 P.M.
    1227   Port Washington 1st Thrusday, 8 P.M.
    1828   James Norton 4th Wednesday, 8 P.M.
    2852   New Hyde Park 2nd Wednesday, 8 P.M.
    1241 Hempstead
    5962   Fr. John Farrell 2nd Wednesday, 7:30 P.M.

    Ladies Auxiliary
    Council #          Council Name             Meeting Time
    6561 Fr. Jeremiah J. Reilly 2nd Tuesday, 8 P.M.
    1175 Fr. John F. Bukey  
    2228   St. Mary's/Maris Stella 2nd Monday, 8 P.M.
    2622   St. Therese The Little Flower  
    4566 Fr. Thomas F. B. Carroll  
    3481   Fr. Joseph O'Connell 1st Wednesday, 7:30 P.M.
    7220   Msgr. Walsh / St. Raymond's 2nd Monday, 8 P.M., VFW Hall


    • The Columbiette emblem includes a blue circle that represents the world.
    • The rays going out from the cross reflect our desire to serve God through faith, hope and charity.
    • Those three virtues are symbolized by the three white stars underneath the cross.
    • The very word COLUMBIETTES incorporates our objectives as follows:

    • COOPERATE and work with the Knights of Columbus.

    • OFFER opportunity to participate in an active / militant program for women.

    • LEND assistance to the needy.

    • UNITE all Catholic women in converted action.

    • MEET with members of other Auxiliaries.

    • BELONG to an organization identified with the Knights of Columbus.

    • INSPIRE action in Civic and Community.

    • EDUCATE Catholic women to the need of the hour.

    • TRAIN others to carry on.

    • TAKE active interest in legislative matters that affect the Catholic way of life.

    • ENJOY fun in fraternity.

    • SERVE God and Country

    In 1939, Monsignor J. Francis McIntyre, at that time Chaplain of the New York Chapter Knights of Columbus, and who later became Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles, California, seeing great numbers of women coming out of a Communist rally at Madison Square Garden, conceived the idea of a ladies organization to work with the Knights of Columbus. The New York Chapter Knights of Columbus formulated a plan for such an organization. Their plan called for the establishment of Auxiliaries in each Council and to coordinate the efforts of all under the direction of one parent group. On March 2, 1939 the first Columbiettes were instituted in New York City. Since that memorable day, many new auxiliaries were formed and eventually State Councils and a Supreme Council were established. New members are initiated in these subordinate Auxiliaries and it is only through the integrity, strength and scope of these Auxiliary activities that the Columbiettes have become a recognized group of women working with the Knights of Columbus, promoting the ideals of Columbianism.

    Our Patronesses:
    • Blessed Virgin Mary – Let us be ever mindful of the responsibility which is ours, by emulating her in her purity, and by imitating her as a Mother, for we, as Catholics know, that she is the foundation of all true motherhood.
    • Saint Theresa, the Little Flower – In her great zeal to serve Almighty God, she welcomed any opportunity to make sacrifices.
    • St. Joan of Arc – She was always ready to giver her aid unselfishly to those who defended a righteous cause.


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