• The next Nassau Chapter Meeting will be
    May 18th at 8 PM. Corpus Christi Council
  • The Robert Hartman Nassau Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award has been awarded to Bob Wahl, PGK of Memorare Council
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  • The Nassau Chapter Knight of the Year Award has been awarded to Brian Ennis, PGK of New Hyde Park Council
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  • The Nassau Chapter Columbiette of the Year Award has been awarded to Joan Chwalisz PCP, active member of the Joseph Barry Columbiettes
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  • The Nassau Chapter Bulletin Contest Winners are Corpus Christi Council, St. Pius X Council and New Hyde Park Council
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  • Nassau Chapter Scholarships Forms are available. Click Forms on the Menu above. C.C.D./Religious Ed. Grant Deadline May 18, 2018, Catholic Elementary School Grant Deadline May 18,2018, High School Scholarship Deadline April 20, 2018

    New Scholarship for incoming college freshman, click for details

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Sister Mary Pat Neylon Thank You to the Nassau Chapter

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Ladies of the Nassau Chapter Love New YorkRaffle Winner
Chapter Ball Scenes 

Nassau County NY    Knights of Columbus

Nassau County is led by two separate, co-equal entities, The Nassau Chapter and the Nassau Conference

  The Nassau Chapter represents the Fraternal arm of the Order. Chapters are recognized by Supreme Council and are responsible for the day to day fraternal activities of its member Councils. Various programs, such as Fraternal Assistance, Scholarship, Blood Drives, Pro-Life Initiatives, Social functions, Church, etc., are organized and facilitated by the Chapter. Each program should have Charity as its core. Chapters are the visible Fraternal, Charitable face of our Order. The Nassau Chapter meets monthly on the third Friday of the month, hosted by a different Member Council each month.

  The Nassau Conference represents the political arm of the Order. Conferences are NOT recognized by Supreme Council. They are in charge of political appointments on behalf of the State Deputy and in NYS, are in sync with the other Conferences to elect our State Officers on an annual basis. Also, unlike Conferences in other States, the Nassau Conference facilitates the appointments of the County's District Deputies. (In most other states, the Chapters appoint District Deputies.). Conferences are not permitted to fundraise for the purpose of Charity. The Nassau conference meets twice per year.

Both the Chapter and Conference work together to serve the overall needs of our Brother Knights in Nassau County.


K of C Insurance

Nassau Chapter Photos

Bulletin Contest Winners

First Place Corpus Christi Council - Editor in Chief Ken Lyons, Grand Knight Peter Zayas, Newsletter: Clarion

Second Place St. Pius X Council - Editor in Chief Jim Albert, Grand Knight Philip Saglimbene, Newsletter: Pius Knights

Third Place New Hyde Park Council - Editor in Chief Harry O'Connor, Grand Knight John Thomas, Newsletter: Clarion

Barbara and Francis Veit Catholic Scholar Award

In honor of Barbara and Francis Veit

Long time members of the Knights of Columbus Family

The Nassau Chapter is proud to announce

the start of a new scholarship award

for incoming college freshman.

Can also access information from menu above under Forms, Scholarships

Nassau Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award

The Robert Hartman life Time Achievement Award has been announced and the recipient is Bob Wahl, Past Grand Knight of Memorare Council. A well deserved honor. Bob's latest achievement was in working on getting an Ultrsound Machine donated to the Gianna Center as part of the Chpater's Pro Life work. It is as it states a "Life Time Achievement" award given to a Worthy Knight who has done the work of the order throughout his life as a Knight.

Bob Hartman was the first Knight to be awarded the Nassau Chapter Life Time Achievement Award. Upon his passing the award was named after him.

Nassau Chapter Knight of the Year Award

The Nassau Chapter Knight of the Year Award has been announced and the recipient is Brian Ennis, Past Grand Knight of New Hyde Park Council Council and Past Faithful Navigator for the St. John XXIII Assembly where he served two terms in office. He is also a member of the St. John XXIII Color Corps. Brian is the Webmaster for the Nassau Chapter and District Deputies Web Sites, as well as the St. John XXIII Assembly and New Hyde Park Council Websites. He also is helpful in setting up websites for Nassau Councils and tutors members on how to maintain their web site. Brian also works on the E-Mail blast for the Nassau Chapter and New Hyde Park Council. He was also the New York State Council Webmaster for four years. Currently he is the Treasurer for New Hyde Park Council and a Trustee for the St. John XXIII Assembly.

Nassau Chapter Columbiette of the Year Award

The Nassau Chapter Columbiette of the Year Award has been announced and the recipient is Joan Chwalisz PCP. Joan held the position of Chapter President, she also is an active member with the Joseph Barry Columbiettes #2520 and is a Past President of the auxiliary. Joan served the Supreme Council as a delegate, and also chaired the Supreme Convention, as well as co-chaired registration for NYS Council of Columbiettes Convention. She has served on the Major Degree team for many years. Nassau Chapter Columbiettes feel Joan is an asset for her outstanding dedication and contribution to the Columbiettes, and Columbianism.

Nassau Chapter Presentation to Gianna Center

Reflections from our Chapter President Ted Newkirk...
Together we have achieved much in Nassau this Calendar Year:


In August our District Deputies, the “work horses” of our great Order were honored by NASSAU COUNTY at a concert held at Eisenhower Park.


The Brothers of the Chapter had a fraternal night at Governors Comedy Club. A great time was had by all… and most importantly raised over $1200 that night for “Hurricane Relief”.


In September we had our second “Fraternal Night” together attending a Long Island Ducks Game and were treated to an awesome fireworks display.

Also, in September we had our FAC mailing, which gives all our Brothers in Nassau a chance to help a Brother in need by their generosity, including a chance to help our Brothers affected by the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.


We learned from SK Austin Cannon that The Nassau Chapter was chosen to start a COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP FUND by funds left to us by the late Brother Knight Francis Veit. This Scholarship will be rolled out in January.


The Officers of the Chapter were honored attending most of the Council installations and testimonials we were invited to.


In October, SK Bob Wahl met with the Nassau Chapter President, Conference Chairman and the Chairman of the Board of District Deputies for breakfast. Bob was concerned that donations for an ULTRASOUND MACHINE were little or none and wondered if achieving enough donations for the machine would ever actual happen. The three of us gave BOB our full support and the push began.


In November we held our Nassau Chapter Memorial Mass. We had great participation from our Grand Knights who passed on to the Chapter their Necrology lists, so a pamphlet could be created and handed out at the Mass. We had a strong showing from our Color Guard, the physical presence of the Knights of Columbus. The Mass was also well attended by our Brother Knights and our Sisters in Columbianism.


Because NASSAU is UNITED in CHARITY, a dream was realized. Due to the challenging work of The Nassau Chapter, Nassau Conference, District Deputies, Grand Knights and the BROTHER KNIGHTS of the NASSAU & SUFFOLK CHAPTERS the GOAL has been reached and an ULTRASOUND MACHINE will be purchased this month for the Gianna Center. What a present for THE INFANT JESUS during the Christmas Season.


To close out the Calendar year, the mid-mark for the Columbian Year we had our Chapter Christmas Party where we were treated to a late-night show by host Chapter Secretary Jim Albert who conducted an entertaining & tasteful testimonial for Past Chapter President Mike Galgano.

All that was accomplished could not have been achieved without the constant and unwavering support of Nassau’s Councils, Assemblies, Columbiette Auxiliaries and above all the memberships who individually embody the Catholic principles of Charity. The Nassau Chapter is successful ONLY because individuals are successful and UNITED IN CHARITY. Keep up the excellent job. We need the support of each and every one of you.

Nassau Chapter


Nassau Chapter

The Chapter President for the Columbian Year 2017 - 2018 is Ted Newkirk. The chapter serves Councils located in Nasssau County, Long Island, New York. Chapter Membership represents the nearly 18,000 members and their families among the 50 member councils in Nassau County, New York.

Nassau Chapter Officers

Chapter Meetings

Monthly Chapter meetings are held on the third Friday of each month starting at 8 P.M.. The meeting location varies from month to month as Member Councils share hosting Chapter meetings. Chapter
meetings are open to any and all Third Degree Brother Knights.

Meeting Schedule


Chapter History

The Nassau Chapter was founded in 2001. The Nassau/Suffolk Chapter was originally made up of councils from both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Its membership represented nearly 100 Long Island councils. Today, both Nassau and Suffolk Counties have their own separate Chapters.

Past Chapter Presidents

Powerful Performance


Nassau Chapter Committees consist of Chapter Gear, Fraternal Assistance, Veterans Affairs, etc.

Nassau Chapter Committees


Nassau Chapter Councils

The council membership consists of members of the 1st Degree (Admission), 2nd Degree (Formation) and 3rd Degree (Knighthood).
Our Emblem shows a shield mounted upon the Formée Cross. The shield is that associated with a medieval Knight. The Formée Cross is the representation of a traditionally artistic design of the Cross of Christ through which all graces of redemption were procurred for mankind. This then represents the Catholic spirit of the Order.

Mounted on the shield are three objects: a fasces standing vertically, and, crossed behind it, an anchor and a dagger or short sword. The fasces from Roman days is symbolic of authority which mustexist in any tightly-bonded and efficiently operating organization.The anchor is the mariner’s symbol for Columbus, patron of theOrder, while the short sword or dagger was the weapon of theKnight when engaged upon an errand of mercy.

Nassau Chapter Councils


Nassau Chapter Assemblies

The Assemblies (Fourth Degree) primary purpose is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to encourage active Catholic citizenship. Members are referred to as 'Sir Knights'.

The Triad Emblem of the Fourth Degree features the Dove, the Cross and the Globe. The Dove - classic symbol of the Holy Spirit and Peace is shown hovering over the orb of the earth (Globe). Both which are mounted on a variation of the Crusader’s Cross.
The Orb or Globe represents God the Father the Creator of the Universe. The Cross, God the Son the Redeemer of Mankind. The Dove the God the Holy Spirit and Sanctifier. These symbols along with the red, white, and blue colors are used to stress the basic principle of the Fourth Degree .... PATRIOTISM.

Nassau Chapter Assemblies


Nassau Chapter Columbiettes

The Columbiettes, an organization of Catholic women dedicated to our Patronesses, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Theresa the Little Flower and St. Joan of Arc. They rely upon the intercession of Mary, our Mother and Model, for guidance in guarding the common good, and to work through her, on loving and aiding all members of the human family and to give assistance to the Knights of Columbus in all their activities upon request.

The Columbiette emblem includes a blue circle that represents the world. The rays going out from the cross reflect our desire to serve God through faith, hope and charity. Those three virtues are symbolized by the three white stars underneath the cross

Nassau Chapter Columbiettes

Responsive Layout

Nassau Chapter Squires

The Squires is designed to develop young men as leaders who understand their Catholic religion, who have a strong commitment to the Church and who are ready, willing and capable of patterning their lives after the Youth Christ.

The Squires emblem includes a Maltese cross upon which are the letters ”P.” (physical fitness); ”I.” (intellectual development); ”S.” (spiritual growth and the practice of our faith); and ”C" (citizenship and civic life). The large letters ”C.” and ”S.” intertwined with the cross respectively represent Christ and Squires. The ”K.” centered on the cross symbolizes the Knights of Columbus. Esto Dignus, the Squires' motto encircling the emblem, is Latin for ”Be Worthy.”

Nassau Chapter Squires

District Deputies

Nassau District Deputies

The Board of Distict Deputies is made up of twelve districts in Nassau County, NY. District Deputies are nominated by the State Deputy and are appointed and approved by the Supreme Knight. The district deputy is the representative of the Supreme Knight and the State Deputy and is responsible for the supervision, growth, expansion, general care and well-being of the councils assigned to his district. District deputies are responsibile for the exemplification of the 2nd Degree (Formation) of the Knights of Columbus in addition to the supervision of the 3rd Degree (Knighthood).

District Deputies



K of C Insurance East

Eric Izzo is the General Agent for Eastern Nassau County
Phone: (631) 342-2850
E-Mail: Izzoagency@optonline.net
[ Councils East of Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway]


K of C Insurance West

Patrick McGuire is the General Agent for Western Nassau County
Phone: (516) 223-2339
E-Mail: Patrick.McGuire@kofc.org
[ Councils Near and West of Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway]

Nassau Chapter Officers

Fr. Rudy Pesongco

Fr. Rudy Pesongco

Rev Nicholas Zientarski

Fr. Nicholas Zientarski

Associate Chaplain
Fr. Jiha Lim

Fr. Jiha Lim

Associate Chaplain
Ted Newkirk

Ted Newkirk PGK

Anthony Ippolito

Anthony IppolitoPGK, FDD, PNCC

Vice President
Jim Albert

Jim Albert PGK, FDD

Tom Liddy

Tom Liddy PGK, PFN, FDD

Thomas Kopetic

Thomas KopeticPGK, FDD, PFN, PNCC

Warden to the President
Steven A. Connelly

Steven A. ConnellyPGK, PCP

Secretary to the President
William Murphy

William MurphyPGK, FDD

Lecturer to the President
Allan Valente

Allan ValentePGK, FDD

Lecturer to the President
Edward Ciulla

Edward CiullaPGK, FDD, PNCC, FSW, PCP

Michael Galgano

Michael GalganoPGK, PFN, FDD, PCP

Stephen Driscoll

Stephen DriscollPGK, PCP

Michael Murtha

Michael MurthaPGK, FDD, PCP